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Erik & Danielle, IJL Couple

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Testimonial - Terra and Keith

I had the initial call [with It’s Just Lunch] and told my matchmaker, Mike, the qualities I was looking for. I wanted a partner that was kind, loving, driven, smart, supportive, good with kids and a Christian among other things. I also wanted someone that wanted to stay in Hawaii long term. I think the thing with dating apps is there was no way to search or ‘filter’ for most of those qualities. Mike told me it might take a few weeks, just depending on how long it took to find someone that had what I was looking for.

Two weeks later I got an email with my first match. It was Keith!

We had a good conversation, I remember he was easy to talk to and it went by too fast. Things moved pretty quickly by our fourth/fifth date and not too long after we became pretty much inseparable.

The last five months have been a special time as Keith and I have grown together and become a family of three with [my daughter]. It’s been a big change, but a really wonderful one. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. It’s easy, we are compatible and on the same page about life. I love him so much and I can fully be myself and so can he.

Read more about Terra’s dating journey here.

lori and bernie

“I was in my 30’s and most people I seemed to meet at the bars were early 20’s to mid-20’s and I didn’t feel like I had much in common with them and was also at a different place in my career than these individuals. I wanted to meet people who were professionals and who also worked hard. I figured they would better understand the demands I was facing in terms of building a business. I really like the fact that the matchmakers interviewed me. I believe it allowed them to learn more about me and what I was looking for vs just filling out something online. I felt comfortable with the process of just having lunch and knowing that each person was interested in determining if this was someone they were interested in. Our first date was fun, comfortable and easy. The conversation flowed and it was natural. I remember seeing her walk towards me as I was thinking….I hope that’s Lori!”

Bernie and Lori

Jeff and Jenny

I had just moved to DC and had a hard time meeting new people outside of work. I decided to join It’s Just Lunch because I really wanted to meet someone special and had never enjoyed doing online dating. I didn’t know much about DC and thought joining it’s just lunch would allow me to meet people as well as go to different restaurants in DC and see the sites.

The It’s Just Lunch matchmakers were great and made the process easy. They took feedback that I provided after dates and used that to find other people that could potentially be a better fit. There is someone out there for all of us and sometimes you just need a little help. Jenny and I were both into our careers and never would have met if not for It’s Just Lunch.

Jeff and Jenny

Erik and Danielle

The dating scene was so different after my divorce! I had to learn all the new rules. I also learned about online dating and found that it was practically a part-time job! It was so much work with all the follow up and the trying to set things up to meet. But the biggest thing I noticed is that even though people were presenting themselves as single, they really weren't. They were maybe just testing the waters or wondering what else was out there. With It’s Just Lunch, I was able to meet women who were genuinely interested in finding someone. Our first date lasted nearly 4 hours!

People always ask, 'How did you meet?' And we love telling them. A friend of mine who met her husband referred me to the service. I was dating, but I just found It’s Just Lunch more enjoyable and less work! I agree with Eric, internet dating is a part-time job! And I just met a different caliber of people with It’s Just Lunch. I really think of it as more of a true matchmaking service. I knew I had one person looking out for me. They offered me really quality experiences!

Erik and Danielle

Justin and Megan

I tried all of the online sites, and had very little luck meeting someone I truly connected with. I was ready to find "the one", and was tired of dating women who were not ready to commit to a serious relationship, let alone marriage. The It's Just Lunch process was easy, and the dates were very well matched. I liked the scheduling aspect, and the restaurants were great. The women were very accomplished. On my first date with Megan, I immediately felt a connection, and wanted to continue seeing her.

Justin and Megan

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