Now that the sun is shining and spring has sprung, you can finally date without wearing several layers everywhere. It’s the time of the year when your wardrobe starts to come back to life and your dark and drab winter clothes can be put away for next year. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors – think brunch, picnic, cruising on the beach and happy hour on a rooftop! But the big question is, “what should I wear?”

Keep it casual but feminine

Think flowy tank top tucked into a longer pencil skirt or crops. Bring out the sweet pastels from your closet – they are very subtle and romantic and you can add a piece of funky jewelry or belt to personalize your look.

Make a statement with a brightly-colored piece

Try a fitted long-sleeve striped shirt tucked into a skirt with a pop of color, such as coral or red. Wearing a bold color will show confidence, as well as show that you are vibrant and fun!

Mix prints for a memorable look

Spring prints are bright, floral and festive. Feel free to mix patterns and layer up your outfit to add depth and interest to an outfit. Try layering a blouse over your dress and mix up stripes with prints. Your unexpected mix of prints will be one he won’t forget!

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple

Wearing your favorite spring dress ensures that you will be comfortable throughout your date. If you go for your standby, you will feel great and at ease. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun with a statement necklace, light scarf or other accessory.

Dial down the “cutesy” factor with a fitted blazer

Yes, a floral dress is an ideal piece for a spring date, but instead of a cardigan, try a boyfriend blazer to add edge to the summery number. Pair with booties to keep it stylish and sassy without making it too “cutesy”.

All you need is a little lace

Roll up your favorite pair of dark denim, pair with nude heels or wedges and a lacy shirt. Lace is flirty and feminine and makes for a perfect springtime look. Accessories with gold jewelry and a fun clutch to finish your look.

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