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Dating After Divorce

With a career that took up a lot of his time and energy, online dating had begun to feel like Rick Swanson’s second job. He spent hours filtering through online dating profiles and arranged multiple dates on his own—but time after time, the spark just wasn’t there. There had to be a better way.

That’s when Rick saw an ad for It’s Just Lunch in an airline magazine and decided to give matchmaking a try. Today, Rick credits It’s Just Lunch with introducing him to the love of his life, Kristina.

Life before It’s Just Lunch?

Kristina: My dating life was totally scattered and unfulfilling. I had just started Stella*s PopKern and, as a single mother, I just found the whole online dating thing completely unmanageable and daunting. I wanted someone who knew me to “fix me up” and when a friend suggested It’s Just Lunch, I did some research and found it to be the right “match” for me.

What was working with a matchmaker like?

Rick: The interview process was really valuable. Sandra, my matchmaker, was genuinely interested in learning about me. She really wanted to understand what I was looking for in a woman, what I found attractive, what I found interesting, what intrigued me. We talked about my work, my outside interests, etc. When someone is leading you through the process, it makes you think. Sandra got me to reflect honestly on what I was looking for.

Best part of the IJL experience?

K: It was super easy because It’s Just Lunch arranged the dates. All I had to do was get ready and meet at the restaurant. And unlike online dating, I felt that my dates were interested in meeting quality people, not one-night stands. Your matchmaker calls you up with a match and then gives you the details of the date. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

What makes you two a great match?

K: He’s comfortable in his own skin. He loves the fact that I am confident! I can just be who I am, and I’ve never felt so at ease with anyone else.

R: She’s got this gigantic personality; she’s self-confident and brilliantly smart. The way she ‘geeks out’ on the things she enjoys, the passion she has… I mean, who else could take something as commonplace as popcorn and turn it into a food group? It’s totally refreshing.

How has your life changed since?

R: It’s like a piece of me that had ceased to be is back again. Having somebody to share life with, who is even more passionate than you are is special. I’m a radically happier person than I was.

Advice for singles considering It’s Just Lunch?

R: Dating is a real challenge in our fast paced, always connected, and frequently impersonal world. Having a real person on your side, helping to find the right partner is a huge plus.

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