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Gone are the days when it was perfectly ok to walk up to a stranger, strike up a conversation and eventually ask them out for coffee. Sure, they do still happen occasionally, but for the most part, these scenes are fit for a classic 90s rom-com.

So, how do people meet and date these days? And how do we know we are doing what’s right when we finally meet someone special?

If you’re burning to get answers to these questions, we’ve got you covered! In today’s blog, we are looking at 5 ways the dating rules have changed since the 90’s so you feel more confident and relaxed the next time you meet up with someone you like!

Dating Now vs The 90s: 5 Rules Everybody Should Follow

  1. Hello, Online Dating!
    The incredible growth of technology paired with the everyday hustle and bustle has given rise to a new form of meeting a potential Mr. or Ms. Perfect. – virtually. Online dating has taken the world by storm, revealing a more convenient way of dating with more choice and less effort.

    But, recent years have seen the hype diminishing, with more people craving true connections, tired of being “ghosted” and left on “unread” messages. Dating apps have also become notorious for one-off meetups and people not looking for anything that can potentially become a long-term relationship.

    Today, we see more people using personalized matchmaking services like, It’s Just Lunch, to connect with like-minded people. You work with a Matchmaker that hand-selects your match, and arranges the in-person date, as opposed to messaging through an app. And we are all for it. This way, you get to have more fun “how we met” stories to tell your friends and family!
  2. Women Make The First Move!
    Did you know that 72% of men prefer women who make the first move? And women love it too! Gone are the days when men were expected to make the first, second, and every other move. It’s now perfectly acceptable for women to reach out first, plan where to have dinner, and lead the way during the date.

    Empowered more than ever before, women have become firmer in their decisions and know what they want from life and what type of men they want to be with. Not only are they making the first move, but they also know what to ask and expect!

    So, if you’re a woman, don’t shy away from asking your beau out on a second date. And if you’re a man, enjoy having a strong-minded confident woman who always keeps you on your toes.
  3. Bye Bye, Mix Tapes
    Back in the day, nothing would melt your crush’s heart more than sending them a mixtape full of love songs you carefully picked just for them.

    You’d let them know that you’ve been thinking about them through the lyrics of Aerosmith. Your date would smile to themselves while listening and hear your unspoken words and deepest desires through the melodies. Those were the 90’s romance days.

    Nowadays, things are a bit different in the dating game. But not too much! Your date probably doesn’t own a CD player, and will most likely be expecting you to send them the link on YouTube instead. Still itching to send a mixtape? How about creating a YouTube or Spotify playlist instead and sharing it with them? That way they can play the tunes you picked for them anytime, anywhere.
  4. Finding Your Best Match
    In the 90s, the word “matchmaker” would automatically get you switching on the TV to watch the latest episode of Singled Out. Who didn't love the Jenny McCarthy and Chris Hardwick-hosted love contest that saw 50 ladies and 50 men compete for a date with a contestant of the opposite sex? It was classic '90s TV!

    At the time, many people would think that matchmakers could not possibly know who would be right for you, with so little information, anyway. So, seeing blind dates fail was not that surprising after all. Luckily matchmaking has evolved a lot since then!

    Gone are the days when you’d walk into a date hardly knowing who the other person is. Instead, singles want to know exactly what to expect and make sure that they are not wasting time on people who don’t share any common ground.

    Nowadays, matchmakers leverage technology and psychology to ensure that matches have the best chances of success. At It’s Just Lunch, our experienced matchmakers match singles based on your personality and preferences. We interview every member to understand exactly what their goals are, what they like, and what they dislike. That helps us hand select your matches.. We arrange your date for you, you just have to show up and have a good time.

    Talk to one of our matchmakers now if you’re ready to find someone special too!
  5. You Make The Rules
    Our most important dating rule is that there are no rules!

    Yes, if you want to create that mixtape and let your date listen to it on an old CD player you found in a Thrift Shop? We say go for it. Want to start a conversation with that attractive person you saw in the bookstore? Do it - if you say the right words, you might just charm them into saying yes for a coffee. Refuse to download any dating app or join Whatsapp? We are so proud of you!

    No matter how old-fashioned a romantic gesture might seem, it’s important that you feel comfortable and authentic in your dating life. After all, your special someone deserves to get to know the real you, with all your quirks.

    So, the next time you want to write a love poem or do a long phone call all night, know that we have your back. We can’t wait to see you create your forever after, in your unique way!

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