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So, you’re getting ready for your first date and now you’re wondering about that famous first date kiss. And it gets you thinking, when is it ok to kiss on the first date? If this is all you have been thinking about since morning, here’s our advice: don’t let this feeling overwhelm you.

Most people get anxious about first dates. From what to wear on a first lunch date, where to plan the perfect meetup to what questions to ask on a first date, and whether a first kiss is in order, there is plenty to think about. Let us help de-stress the experience for you when it comes to first date kisses.

In this blog, we have listed down our 5 pro tips to know when it’s ok to kiss on a first date. Truth be told, there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to kissing your partner for the first time, but with these tips, you’ll be better equipped for your next move. So, pack some mints and avoid eating garlic if you are hoping to get those first kiss butterflies tonight!

  1. Read Their Body Language First dates can be exciting and confusing at the same time. First conversations, first laughs, first looks, this is the time that you and your partner are taking it all in from both sides. This is the best time to pay attention to their body language.

    From eye-locking to soft pauses and smiles, these small moments that happen before the kiss will make your heart flutter. It’s safe to say that 99% of the emotional communication happens through silent gestures, and understanding the other person’s body language will help you determine if it’s worth smudging that lipstick or not.

    For instance, if you see their feet pointed towards you and they are leaning towards you, then consider this as your green signal. The forward lean is a subconscious response that kicks in when you find someone attractive. However, if you are still unsure, there is nothing wrong with brushing your lip on their cheek, and let the flow decide where the kiss goes!
  2. See If You Have Chemistry Do you feel like you’ve known them for far longer than those few hours you’ve met? Does talking to them feel natural and fun? Then you two have chemistry!

    An initial strong connection helps determine how well the date is going. On a first date, feeling instantly comfortable with each other is a great sign. And, if you are looking for a serious relationship, finding out that you share similar interests and values, sparks will fly even more.

    A first kiss, in this case, can help determine if the chemistry between you is genuine. Are you two meant to be lovers or just good friends? A kiss can tell you if there is some romantic spark or if you are in for a platonic potential. For instance, if the date was amazing and the kiss was awesome, it’s a clear indication that you have similar intimate preferences and styles. On the other hand, if the kiss turns out weird and awkward, then you probably lack compatibility. But, there’s nothing wrong with being friends, right?.
  3. Follow Your Gut Feeling To kiss on the first date or not to kiss on the first date, that’s the question. The answer is…trust your gut! Kissing someone is completely your decision and doesn’t have to happen if it doesn’t feel right.

    The reality is that many other things can influence whether you even feel like a first kiss: the time of the day, the weather, what you just had for dinner (that’s why we suggested avoiding garlic!), and how comfortable you are feeling in your skin at that moment. If something feels off, listen to that little voice and always put yourself first.

    Over time you will learn to recognize the signs and become more aware of your feelings and how you want the date to end. First kisses can happen in the most magical and intimate ways when you let the gut do its job. So, lean in for the kiss if the moment feels right and you feel that deeper connection.
  4. Just Ask Them This may not be the most romantic advice we’ve given on It’s Just Lunch, but getting your partner’s consent is probably the best way to know if your partner is up for a kiss or not. And, trust us when we say, your partner will appreciate the gesture!

    Asking consent before initiating physical consent is respectful and shows that you care about how comfortable the other person feels in your company. So, now you’re thinking, when’s the right time to ask. The golden rule to asking for a kiss is to find the time when the other person is relaxed.

    Usually, the best opportunity is at the end of the date when you are waiting for the ride or just walking them back home. In those instances, the little moments of silence are actually blessings in disguise. Pick one of those moments, hold your partner’s gaze and ask if you can kiss them good night. If they nod, you know what to do!
  5. Leave Them Wanting More Here’s a scenario: you had an amazing first date and you are eager to see this person again. Kissing them seals the deal and lets them know how much you like them. But, there’s a twist. If you want them to yearn for a second date as much as you do, leave them wanting more.

    When going in for your first kiss, don’t give all the magic away. Start with the peck or lip-brushing and let them wait for more for the next date. This way, you’re keeping some mystery in this new relationship to keep them excited to know you more.

    Feeling bold? Tease them by giving them a deep romantic kiss and pulling away before it gets too intense. This will keep them up all night, thinking about you!

Should You Kiss On The First Date

Don’t Overthink Kissing On Your First Date

First dates always bring up a mix of emotions. But remember, every person is unique, making your experience with them unique as well.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to kiss or not on a first date is completely up to you! In fact, many people choose not to kiss on a first date at all. So, relax and savor the moment, this is the time for you to find someone special and have a good time together. First kisses will happen if they are meant to. Enjoy your date!

Should You Kiss On The First Date

Make Your Move

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Should You Kiss On The First Date

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