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These are weird times for romance. But as bad as dating during a pandemic sounds, there are still many ways you and your date can make it work - while still having plenty of fun along the way. And we don’t just mean binging on Netflix at home!

In this blog post, we are sharing some fun ways to keep your dates creative and romantic. Here are some ideas on where to go out while still being safe or how to enjoy the night at home together.

Take A Cooking Class From Home Take A Cooking Class From Home Take out your chefs hats, we are about to start cooking, chef-style. If you and your partner are foodies then we suggest taking things up a notch with a professional cooking class. Rise up to the challenge with The Chef & The Dish where you can sign up for affordable virtual cooking classes from professional chefs. Cooking together is a great way to bond and learn how well you work together as a team. Plus, enjoying some really delicious food together. To get started just choose a dish together, place an order for the ingredients, and then get cracking. Bon Appetit!

Virtual Museum Tour Virtual Museum Tour Do you both love art and history? If you are museum lovers and can’t travel to your favorite destination at the moment, here is some great news: virtual museum tours are happening everywhere in the world right now. You can still enjoy art from the comfort of your home or while lying in your bed in your pajamas. Whether your partner loves Van Gogh or you miss exploring and walking through contemporary art museums, you can always find an online museum tour that interests you both, from the British Museum to Le Louvre. Pour yourselves some vintage wine and enjoy a discussion on your favorite artworks and artifacts.

Axe Throwing Axe Throwing Here’s a unique way to spice up a date: axe throwing! Release stress and challenge each other with a fun-loving axe throwing activity. Not only will you leave the date feeling invigorated, but this date is also sure to stand out as one of your most memorable ones. Be warned though, things might get competitive.

Painting with a Twist Painting with a Twist Paint with a Twist has become a very popular date choice for couples in America. Sip wine while you and your partner paint your hearts out. If you are seeking something fun and different, this makes for a much more memorable date night than a movie and popcorn! Channel your inner Picasso and show your partner how good you are with a paintbrush. And if you’re not that confident in your painting abilities, don’t worry! This is about being creative, messy and being you! Celebrate your masterpiece by posing for a sweet couple photo.

Create An At-Home Wine Tasting Bring the wine tasting home, no sommelier required. Creating your own wine tasting can be an excellent opportunity to learn about your partner’s choices of wine and learn about their preferences. Spice things up by designing a theme. Are you in a mood to have a taste of France or chill in the sun of California? Choose wines from a range of reds, rose, whites or sparkling. For the authentic wine tasting experience, order a wine tasting kit from places like MCV Wines. Pair these with a delicious cheese and fruit platter. Glam up in your chicest outfits and get ready to delight your taste buds and soul. After all, they say the best way to enjoy good wine is good company.

Karaoke Night Karaoke Night Sing your hearts out. Nothing beats Karaoke when you’re looking for a fun date idea. Imagine watching your partner either nail or butcher a Whitney Houston or Bryan Adams song. Either way, it will make for a great night! Simply book a private room for two at your local karaoke spot - these are usually paid by the hour. Or, to set up your at-home Karaoke, grab your laptop and find some instrumental music on Youtube. Connect it to your TV or project it on the wall. Get some mics and let the music and your voices boom. And, of course, add some booze to the mix to get the edge off.

Ice Skating Ice Skating For some winter date fun, hit the ice rink. Ice skating is the ultimate romantic couple activity - there’s a reason you keep seeing it in movies! Bundle up in your warmest coats and find an ice rink close to you. Ice skating is a great way to get close to your partner, holding hands while you sway and twirl around the ice. Get ready for plenty of wobbles and slipping. End the night with some hot chocolate and warm doughnuts. Then head back home and enjoy some warm cuddles by the fire.

Stand Up Comedy Show Laughter is the best medicine - and also a great way to bond. Try a local stand-up comedy show where you can let loose with your partner and laugh til you cry. Plus, it’s a great way to see what kind of sense of humor they have. From big fancy arenas to small indie shows, there are plenty of options that you and your partner can enjoy together. And to stay safe, you can always book a private table for you and your companion. Careful though, the smaller the event the higher the chances of you being heckled by the comedian, so be prepared!

Driving range Driving range Are you a golf person? Thankfully, many golf courses have stayed open during the pandemic, making it a great choice for a first date. No matter how good you are, you'll both have a wonderful time, hitting balls like a pro or enjoying a fun putt-putt game together. Depending on your climate you can either enjoy the beautiful scenery at an outdoor driving range or relax in an indoor one. Ready to take your next shot?

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